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Purchasing a Swimming Pool Cover

The two main reasons for getting a swimming pool cover are to help keep your swimming pool clean and to keep it safe. The following are some tips on what to look for when purchasing a cover for your swimming pool.

Selecting a Swimming Pool Cover

There are several things that you have to consider when you are getting ready to purchase a cover for your swimming pool. You have to think about things like the size and shape of your swimming pool, what types of weather conditions the cover will be exposed to, and you also have to consider the price of the cover as well as the color.

When you are purchasing a swimming pool cover, it is crucial to determine what the cover is made out of. You don't want to buy a cover that is made out of flimsy plastic just because it is cheap. Look for a swimming pool cover that is durable and looks like it will last for several years, if your pool is located somewhere that has a great deal of trees, you will want to make sure that you purchase a swimming pool cover that isn't going to puncture easily when a branch falls on it.

Look for a Warranty

You really shouldn't purchase a swimming pool cover unless it comes with a warranty. The warranty means that the company that made the pool cover is satisfied that they have made a quality product; it also protects you in event that something went wrong when the cover was manufactured. The standard warranty for a swimming pool cover is two years, however some are even longer.

We carry high quality pool covers with a range of warranties. Typically our solar covers come with a 3-5 year warranty depending on their thickness. Our winter covers have a 7 year warranty or more.

We recommend purchasing a swimming pool cover that is brand new to ensure it is without any defects which protects the investment you have made in your cover and your pool.

Solar Power Covers

If you are interested in heating your swimming pool, you might want to think about investing in a solar swimming pool cover. These covers cost a little more at first but because they use the sun to warm the water, you won't have to worry about huge electric bills. Most people consider the cost of a solar swimming pool cover as money well spent.

After purchasing the cover for your pool, you should arrange for a professional to make sure that the cover fits your pool properly. While they are there, have them show you the correct way to cover your swimming pool.

Winterizing and Safety

Remember, whenever you are not actively using your swimming pool, you should make sure that the cover is on and properly secured. Especially during the colder months in regions where temperatures drop around or below freezing, you will need a specialized pool cover for winter. It is a good idea to cover the pool during any extended time away from the pool. Especially in areas where children may play, heavy duty safety pool covers are well worth the investment for your pool.

Additionally, it is important to make sure that the swimming pool cover is designed in such a way that it can support the weight of a human body. The whole point of the cover is to prevent people from accidentally falling into your swimming pool.

We carry a wide variety of pool covers including this top rated safety pool cover.

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