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Swimming Pool and Spa Tips

In order to maintain your pool or spa operating at peak performance, these simple tips are a good place to start!

  • Maintain water level.
  • Keep trees and plants trimmed away from pool or spa area.
  • Keep pool or spa equipment in good repair. If you are unsure, please schedule an appointment.
  • Be sure to have some basic tools on hand like a test kit, a vacuum hose, vacuum head, a pole, a skimmer net and a brush.
  • Skim your pool and empty the baskets daily.
  • Clear out surface filters that gather bugs and leaves daily.
  • Vacuum your pool at least once a week to remove debris that the filter misses.
  • Test your pool water weekly to maintain clean and safe water.

Quick solutions for common problems with your pool:

Air visible in pump basket: first make sure the water level is at the proper level ( at least mid skimmer ) and check to make sure the skimmer weir is not stuck in the up position. Make sure the lid to the pump is sealed properly. As always make sure all baskets are free of debris. If you still have air in the system then you might have a leak. Call today to schedule one of our pool professionals to find the cause and fix your leak.

Weak/No Flow: First make sure your filtration system is working properly. Make sure all skimmer and pump baskets are clean. Also check to make sure no small items are impeding the pump impeller. Check the filter pressure if it is 10 p.s.i. above normal operating pressure- backwash filter. Make sure pool pump is primed.

Weak/no Suction for Vacuuming: Make sure filter system is on and pressure is within the norm. All baskets are clean. Prime/fill pool vacuum hose with water and turn off other suctions lines and leave single dedicated line for vacuuming.

Heater Problems: With the many different types of heaters, if you have a millivolt system make sure the pilot is lit. If you have a electronic ignition system your heater will give you a error code and most likely shut itself down. You can reference the error code with your owners manual. In either case our trained professionals can diagnosis and fix your problem.

No/Low chlorine readings: There are many reasons that can cause a low/no chlorine reading. First make sure your pool water is conditioned with chlorine stabilizer. This will help keep the chlorine in your pool. Shocking your pool weekly will help maintain your levels. Depending on your choice of chlorine, stabilized or unstabilized, would also determine what other chemicals might be needed to balance your chlorine level in your pool.

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